Kennington CC

Project date: May – August 2013

Location: Kennington Park, (near to Hillingdon Street) London SE17 3JD

The inspiration for the project.
Kennington Cricket Club, at the time of visiting, was the only club in the borough of Lambeth.

Cycling through Kennington on a Sunday afternoon, aiming for the park, we were given a real visual treat that can only happen in an urban environment. Surrounded by the towers of the Brandon Estate was a scene not out of site in rural England.


Imprint –
Photographer: Dylan Collard
Art Director: Matt Cottis
Assistant: Fleur Paterson

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Shot using the Gandolfi 10×8 field camera and digital, we visited the team over the course of a month or two. Wary at first (who wouldn’t be), we slowly built up a relationship which enabled us to take some great shots of a nice bunch of cricketers.